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welcome to the life of electra heart. 

welcome to the life of electra heart. 

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Shows I Went To: 2012

So, I’m going to see Jenny Owen Youngs on Saturday, which is a great way to start the 2013 Show Season. Also, a bunch of shows for the spring have been starting to pop up here and there (like the Armadillos and Kate freaking Nash). This reminded me of the list I made last year that chronicled all the shows I went to and how awesome it was to relive all those memories, so I decided to do it again.

Here’s what happened in 2012:


01.03 Lelia Broussard
Rockwood Music Hall: New York City, NY

01.14 The Bandana Splits
Branded Saloon: Brooklyn, NY

01.15 Allison Weiss
Philly Moca: Philadelphia, PA


02.07 Jenny Owen Youngs
Brillobox: Pittsburgh, PA

02.28 Rachel Platten & Bess Rogers
Club Café: Pittsburgh, PA


They Might Be Giants
Terminal 5: New York City, NY


04.12 The Armadillos
Thunderbird Café: Pittsburgh, PA


05.03 Jenny Owen Youngs
31st Street Pub: Pittsburgh, PA

05.11 Ingrid Michaelson
Carnegie Music Hall: Pittsburgh, PA

05.12 Ingrid Michaelson
Electric Factory: Philadelphia, PA

05.17 Ingrid Michaelson
Terminal 5: New York City, NY

05.25 Scars on 45
Tin Angel: Philadelphia, PA

05.26 Rocketship Park
Littlefield: Brooklyn, NY

05.28 Allison Weiss
Pianos: New York City, NY

05.30 Bess Rogers
Tin Angel: Philadelphia, PA


06.01 Bess Rogers
Rockwood Music Hall: New York City, NY

06.07 Martin Rivas
Rockwood Music Hall: New York City, NY

06.09 Rachel Platten
The Fire: Philadelphia, PA

06.13 Metric
The Music Hall of Williamsburg: Brooklyn, NY

06.22 Reel Big Fish & Suburban Legends
Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel: Providence, RI

06.29 Georgiana Starlington & Balthrop Alabama
The Living Room: New York City, NY


07.14 Allison Weiss
Broad Street Ministry: Philadelphia, PA

07.20 Megan Slankard
Burlap and Bean: Newtown Square, PA

05.28 Tim Williams
The Piazza: Philadelphia, PA

07.31 Ingrid Michaelson
Chameleon Club: Lancaster, PA


08.01 Sarah Miles
Triumph Brewery: New Hope, PA

08.04. Nicole Atkins
Stone Pony: Asbury Park, NJ

08.06: Ingrid Michaelson
Apple Store: New York City, NY

08.06: Elizabeth and the Catapult
Rockwood Music Hall: New York City, NY

08.10 Arrah and the Ferns
Johnny Brenda’s: Philadelphia, PA

08.16 Kelly Clarkson
Tweeter Center: Camden, NJ

08.17 Marina and the Diamonds
TLA: Philadelphia, PA

08.21 The Bandana Splits
92Y Tribeca: New York City, NY.


09.18 Metric
Stage AE: Pittsburgh, PA


10.04 Two Man Gentleman Band & The Aramadillos
Thunderbird Café: Pittsburgh, PA


11.16 The Aramadillos
Thunderbird Café: Pittsburgh, PA

11.21 Bess Rogers
The Saint: Asbury Park, NJ


37 Shows (+14 from last year)
24 Different Acts (+5 from last year)
30 Different Venues (+11 from last year)
10 Different Cities (same as last year)
4 Different States (same as last year)
Most Seen: Ingrid Michaelson (5x)

Favorite Venues (in no order)

The Living Room (NYC)
92Y Tribeca (NYC)
Stage AE (Pittsburgh)
Littlefield (Brooklyn)
31st Street Pub (Pittsburgh)
Pianos (NYC)
Terminal 5 (NYC)
Branded Saloon (Brooklyn)

Favorite Show Experiences Overall (in no order)

Metric (Music Hall of Williamsburg & Stage AE)
Ingrid Michaelson (Terminal 5)
Rocketship Park (Littlefield)
Bess Rogers (Rockwood)
Marina and the Diamonds (TLA)

Favorite Opening Acts (in no order)

MS MR (Marina & the Diamonds)
You Won’t (Arrah and the Ferns)
Mountjoy (Allison Weiss)
Scars on 45 (Ingrid Michaelson) 

Show of the Year

06.13 Metric- Music Hall of Williamsburg

-Metric had an unfair advantage, being, well, Metric. But this was also a secret show that I won tickets for. It was part of a few shows they were doing to promote the release of Synthetica, where they played almost the entire new album and a few old favorites (re: Empty, Dead Disco). I don’t think I was that excited about going to a show since maybe the Spice Girls Reunion show in 2008. Everything about this show was perfect- we were first in line, had great PSP, there was no opening act, I bought out the merch table and then it was just two hours of pure Emily Haines. Great crowd, great venue, great music. Perfect Show was Perfect.

Runner Up: 05.17 Ingrid Michaelson- Terminal 5

This would have easily won Show of the Year if it wasn’t for Metric. This was the last show of the Human Again Tour and it was in New York, so you could tell the band was happy to be home, and it had that magical “last night of tour” feeling. Everyone was on, the venue was great, the crowd was really into it. The show closer included thousands of people singing along and dancing to Ingrid’s cover of “We Found Love” while a disco ball spun overhead. I’ve seen Ingrid a million times, including a lot this past summer, with the Human Again Tour, but that Terminal 5 show was really something else. Everything about that show just clicked.


Jessica Capshaw » Nadia Karella on The L Word. 

always always always always

Jessica Capshaw » Nadia Karella on The L Word. 

always always always always

this gives me a seizure and i love it. best show i saw this year, hands down. #ilovemetric

this gives me a seizure and i love it. best show i saw this year, hands down. #ilovemetric


satisfy myself
avoid beginners
who long to shut my mouth
til i take one of them home
cause i know how it feels
filling in the blanks
looking on the bright side
when there is no bright side
coming in your pants
for the off chance with a
poster of a girl 

my hero.

my hero.